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More on the precise analysis of C programs for FLT_EVAL_METHOD==2
Pascal Cuoq on 15 July 2013

Introduction It started innocently enough. My colleagues were talking of supporting target compilers with excess floating-point precision. We saw that if analyzing programs destined to be compiled with strict IEEE 754 compilers was a lovely Spring day at the beach analyzing for compilers that allow excess precision was Normandy in...

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On the precise analysis of C programs for FLT_EVAL_METHOD==2
Pascal Cuoq on 6 July 2013

There has been talk recently amongst my colleagues of Frama-C-wide support for compilation platforms that define FLT_EVAL_METHOD as 2. Remember that this compiler-set value, introduced in C99, means that all floating-point computations in the C program are made with long double precision, even if the type of the expressions they...

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From Facebook to Silent Circle, through the “metrics” Frama-C plug-in
Pascal Cuoq on 16 February 2013

From Facebook to Silent Circle Some computers at Facebook were recently compromised because of a zero-day in Java. Nothing unexpected. Last december instead of writing a full blog post I lazily linked to Robert Graham predicting this sort of thing for the year 2013. Speaking of Facebook do you know...

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StackOverflow answers everything
Pascal Cuoq on 2 October 2012

One thing leading to another, I recently ended up wondering why, according to an individual close to the situation, the C snippet below is considered defined in C99. struct X { int a[5]; } f(); int *p = f().a; printf(\%p" p); The programming Q&A website StackOverflow had never failed me...

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Never forget to sanitize your input
Virgile Prevosto on 19 September 2012

This post is a follow up of this one A facetious colleague pointed out to me that the print_stmt function that is used to display the CFG in the post mentioned above behaves incorrectly when used over code that include string constants such as the one below: void f(const char...

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