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Reading indeterminate contents might as well be undefined
Pascal Cuoq on 13 March 2013

Warning: on a punctiliousness scale ranging from zero to ten, this post is a good nine-and-a-half. There was no tag for that, so I tagged it both “C99” and “C11”. The faithful reader will know what to expect. There is a bit of C90, too. To summarize, it may appear...

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Compiler-driven language development
Pascal Cuoq on 17 November 2012

A quiz What is pressing “return” next below going to reveal GCC has done wrong? $ cat t.c #include <limits.h> int x = -1; int main(int c, char **v) { x = INT_MIN % x; return x; } ~ $ gcc -std=c99 t.c ~ $ ./a.out Answer: $ ./a.out Floating...

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