The Frama-C team is hiring!

Join us!

We are open-source believers, and we take pride in seeing our science-fueled tools used for industry-grade applications.

We have frequent open positions to hire postdocs, PhD students and research interns in program analysis and software security. This page lists opened positions, but we are open to other collaborations, please contact allan.blanchard(at) or loic.correnson(at)

Postdoc Position (18/24 months)

Private and public contracts for ACSL

Keywords: ACSL, contracts, static analysis

Postdoc Position

Designing Compilation Techniques for Improving Efficiency of E-ACSL, a Runtime Assertion Checker for C Programs

Keywords: runtime assertion checking, compilation, source code generation, static analysis

3-year Computer Scientist

Develop and extend the kernel of Frama-C

Keywords: Software Analysis, Formal Methods, OCaml

3-year Engineer

Develop and extend Ivette, the new Electron-based Frama-C graphical user interface

Keywords: GUI, TypeScript, OCaml, Analysis Environment

3-year Computer Scientist

Develop and extend the formal analysis capability of Frama-C. In particular, provide new features either in the Eva plug-in or WP plug-in

Keywords: Software Analysis, Formal Methods, OCaml


Deep Learning for improving formal verification with Frama-C / Eva

Keywords: Deep Learning, Graph Neural Networks , Representation Learning, Static analysis, Formal methods


Cybersecurity and Safety analysis with Frama-C / Eva

Keywords: Security, Software verification, Static analysis, Formal methods, Abstract Interpretation