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Using Singularity/Apptainer for easy-to-use Docker images
André Maroneze (kindly tested by D. Bühler, V. Prevosto et al) on 1 February 2023

The Frama-C Docker images are useful for continuous integration, but for interactive use, they are not very practical: by default, Docker does not provide access to the local filesystem, and running the Frama-C GUI requires using derived tools such as x11docker. In this post, we briefly show an alternative, with...

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Frama-C GUI on the browser, via Docker
André Maroneze on 16 March 2021

New Frama-C Docker images, with a graphical interface, are available in the Docker Hub. They allow running Frama-C via a browser, on Windows, macOS and Linux. Frama-C + Docker + noVNC = Frama-C GUI on a browser The “traditional” Frama-C Docker images available on Docker Hub lack the graphical interface,...

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Analysis scripts: helping automate case studies, part 2
André Maroneze on 15 February 2018

In the previous post, we used analysis-scripts to prepare our analysis of Recommender. In this post, we will run EVA on the code and see how the iterative refinement of the analysis can be done. We assume the reader has performed all of the steps in the previous post, and...

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A simple Eva tutorial, part 3
André Maroneze on 11 April 2017

In the previous post we’ve seen how to run Eva, but at the end we had a NON TERMINATING FUNCTION for a function that is supposed to always terminate, a likely indication that a definitive undefined behavior has been found in the analysis. In this post, we will see how...

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A simple Eva tutorial, part 2
André Maroneze on 17 March 2017

In the previous post we’ve seen some recommendations about using Frama-C/Eva, and some tips about parsing. In this post, we will see how to run Eva, and how to quickly setup it for a more precise result. We will reuse the save file produced at the end of the parsing,...

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