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Using Singularity/Apptainer for easy-to-use Docker images
André Maroneze (kindly tested by D. Bühler, V. Prevosto et al) on 1 February 2023

The Frama-C Docker images are useful for continuous integration, but for interactive use, they are not very practical: by default, Docker does not provide access to the local filesystem, and running the Frama-C GUI requires using derived tools such as x11docker. In this post, we briefly show an alternative, with...

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E-ACSL now works in Frama-C Docker images
André Maroneze on 20 December 2022

The Frama-C Docker images available on Docker Hub were based on Alpine Linux, which allows for minimal sizes. However, its reliance on musl instead of the GNU libc (present in most Linux distributions) led to incompatibility issues with the E-ACSL plug-in. For this reason, current and future Docker images will...

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Running old Frama-C versions from Docker images
André Maroneze on 15 October 2021

There are several reasons one might want to run an old version of Frama-C: - to test some outdated plugin which is only compatible with a previous version; - to re-run analyses mentioned in an old tutorial or blog post; - to compare results between Frama-C versions; - for nostalgia’s...

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Frama-C GUI on the browser, via Docker
André Maroneze on 16 March 2021

New Frama-C Docker images, with a graphical interface, are available in the Docker Hub. They allow running Frama-C via a browser, on Windows, macOS and Linux. Frama-C + Docker + noVNC = Frama-C GUI on a browser The “traditional” Frama-C Docker images available on Docker Hub lack the graphical interface,...

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Frama-C Docker Images
André Maroneze on 4 November 2020

Frama-C now has official Docker images in the Docker Hub! In this post we describe what they contain and how we intend to evolve them. If you have other uses for Docker images, don’t hesitate to contact us! Official Frama-C Docker Images in Docker Hub Official Frama-C Docker images are...

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