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Quick ACSL Guide for Eva: a new mini-tutorial
André Maroneze (review by V. Prevosto, P. Baudin) on 6 April 2022

In 2016, a few blog posts (part 1, part 2, part 3) presented a short tutorial on writing ACSL clauses for Eva (back then, the Value Analysis plug-in). A few things changed since then, but posting them again in this blog would lead to the same issue in the future....

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Admit and check annotations in ACSL
André Maroneze on 10 June 2021

In Frama-C 23 (Vanadium), two new kinds of ACSL annotations are available, to complement assert: the admit and check annotations. In a nutshell, assert P is equivalent to check P; admit P. The former allows easier checking of the validity of predicates, while the latter documents the introduction of external...

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Frama-C and ACSL are on GitHub
André Maroneze on 22 November 2016

We are glad to announce the creation of official GitHub repositories for Frama-C and ACSL, to stimulate contributions from the community, and to better contribute back to it. Frama-C is on GitHub Frama-C now (in fact, since a few months) has an official GitHub repository: It contains snapshots of...

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A mini ACSL tutorial for Value, part 3: indirect assigns
André Maroneze on 12 October 2016

To conclude our 3-part series on ACSL specifications for Value, we present a feature introduced in Frama-C Aluminium that allows more precise specifications: the indirect label in ACSL assigns clauses. The expressivity gains when writing \froms are especially useful for plugins such as Value. Indirect assigns Starting in Frama-C Aluminium...

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A mini ACSL tutorial for Value, part 2: functional dependencies
André Maroneze on 30 September 2016

In our previous post, we left you in a cliffhanger: which \from is missing from our ACSL specification for safe_get_random_char? In this post, we explain the functional dependencies in our specification, how to test them, and then present the missing dependency. Where do the \from come from? Our complete specification...

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