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C99 promotion rules: what ?!
Pascal Cuoq on 11 April 2011

I reported bug 785 after getting three-quarters sure that the problem was in Frama-C (I used two different versions of GCC as oracles). I still cannot believe how twisted integer promotion rules are in C99. I had read them before but I had not followed the precise path I followed...

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The level to analyze
Pascal Cuoq on 5 March 2011

This sort of question (here about the trade-offs involved in the choice of the level of intermediate language to statically analyze) is the reason I still visit StackOverflow despite everything that is wrong with it.

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Pascal Cuoq on 10 December 2010

So it may seem that I have a pretty good job for having nothing more important to worry about —that may or may not be accurate— but I worry about the state of the Frama-C documentation in general and of the value analysis in particular. I hate noticing that it's...

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