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More about integer overflows
Pascal Cuoq on 28 March 2012

It may be because I read an earlier draft that has had the time to sink in, but I find this article on the subject of integer overflows extremely clear and informative. It relates to the previous post. Key quote: integer overflow issues in C and C++ [...] are common...

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ptrdiff_t links for the week-end
Pascal Cuoq on 2 March 2012

Here are two links related to ptrdiff_t: Ptrdiff_t is evil [removed dead link] a blog post for if you are not tired of conversion and promotion issues yet and an interesting answer on StackOverflow. I was doubtful about the second one (I had no difficulties to accept the first one...

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Option to make GCC conform to C99 re:floating-point
Pascal Cuoq on 23 January 2012

The existence of this option to make GCC conform to C99 when compiling for the x87 floating-point instruction set is informative. The commentary that comes with the patch is quite interesting, if you are into this sort of thing. If you are not that much into the minutiae of the...

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Public announcements
Pascal Cuoq on 14 January 2012

Yes, I have read that static analysis post If you are one of the three persons in the world who have not sent me a link to John Carmack's Christmas post on static analysis [removed dead link] go ahead and read it it might interest you. You can stop sending...

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