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Function pointers in C
Pascal Cuoq on 24 August 2013

This post contains a complete list of everything a C program can do with a function pointer, for a rather reasonable definition of “do”. Examples of things not to do with a function pointer are also provided. That list, in contrast, is in no way exhaustive. What a C program...

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The word “binade” now has its Wikipedia page…
Pascal Cuoq on 19 July 2013

… but that's only because I created it. If you are more familiar than me with Wikipedia etiquette feel free to adjust edit or delete this page. Also although a Wikipedia account is necessary to create a page I think it is not required for editing so you can add...

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Microsoft's bug bounty program
Pascal Cuoq on 19 June 2013

I like Robert Graham's analysis on Microsoft's new bug bounty program. I would never have thought of selling vulnerabilities to the NSA (but then I am not American and not a security researcher). Does the NSA not employ qualified people to look for vulnerabilities as their day job? Is that...

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Attack by Compiler
Pascal Cuoq on 20 May 2013

The title of this post, “Attack by Compiler”, has been at the back of my mind for several weeks. It started with a comment by jduck on a post earlier this year. The post's topic, the practical undefinedness of reading from uninitialized memory, and jduck's comment, awakened memories from a...

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