Fixes in Nitrogen's value analysis

Pascal Cuoq - 23rd Nov 2011

Speaking of bug fixes, here is what a proper post-release patch looks like. This patch fixes five issues identified since Nitrogen was released. I have not tested the patch itself (I have not even tried applying it to the original tarball) — this is where you come in dear reader. Let's call it "patchlevel 1" for now. It may be given more official status if no additional fixes are incorporated. Or perhaps not even then.

It is recommended for users who build from source and for packagers who always manage their own sets of patches anyway. It contains only fixes for confirmed issues and each fix is simple enough to be an obviously uniform improvement.

Boris Yakobowski contributed several of the fixes in patchlevel 1. To be fair he may in the course of his excellent and broad-scoped developments have originally contributed some of the bugs being fixed too.

Pascal Cuoq
23rd Nov 2011