Frama-C API - File

Frama-c preprocessing and Cil AST initialization.

type cpp_opt_kind =
  1. | Gnu
  2. | Not_gnu
  3. | Unknown

Whether a given preprocessor supports gcc options used in some configurations.

type file =
  1. | NeedCPP of Filepath.Normalized.t * string * string list * cpp_opt_kind

    File which needs preprocessing. NeedCPP(filepath, cmd, extra, workdir, cpp_opt_kind):

    • filepath: source file to be preprocessed;
    • cmd: preprocessing command, before replacement of '%'-arguments;
    • extra: list of extra arguments (e.g. from a JCDB);
    • cpp_opt_kind: whether the preprocessor supports GNU options such as -I/-D.
  2. | NoCPP of Filepath.Normalized.t

    Already preprocessed file .i

  3. | External of Filepath.Normalized.t * string

    file that can be translated into a Cil AST through an external function, together with the recognized suffix.


File type, according to how it will be preprocessed. Note: string is used here instead of Filepath, to preserve names given on the command line, without normalization.

include Datatype.S with type t = file
include Datatype.S_no_copy with type t = file
val name : string

Unique name of the datatype.

val descr : t Descr.t

Datatype descriptor.

val packed_descr : Structural_descr.pack

Packed version of the descriptor.

val reprs : t list

List of representants of the descriptor.

val equal : t -> t -> bool
val compare : t -> t -> int

Comparison: same spec than

val hash : t -> int

Hash function: same spec than Hashtbl.hash.

val pretty : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> t -> unit

Pretty print each value in an user-friendly way.

val mem_project : (Project_skeleton.t -> bool) -> t -> bool

mem_project f x must return true iff there is a value p of type Project.t in x such that f p returns true.

val copy : t -> t

Deep copy: no possible sharing between x and copy x.

val new_file_type : string -> (string -> Cil_types.file * Cabs.file) -> unit

new_file_type suffix func funcname registers a new type of files (with corresponding suffix) as recognized by Frama-C through func.

val list_available_machdeps : unit -> string list

list_available_machdeps () gives the list of the names of available machdeps in Frama-C's share path

  • since 22.0-Titanium
type code_transformation_category

type of registered code transformations

  • since Neon-20140301
val register_code_transformation_category : string -> code_transformation_category

Adds a new category of code transformation

val add_code_transformation_before_cleanup : ?deps:(module Parameter_sig.S) list -> ?before:code_transformation_category list -> ?after:code_transformation_category list -> code_transformation_category -> (Cil_types.file -> unit) -> unit

add_code_transformation_before_cleanup name hook adds an hook in the corresponding category that will be called during the normalization of a linked file, before clean up and removal of temps and unused declarations. If this transformation involves changing statements of a function f, f must be flagged with File.must_recompute_cfg. The optional before (resp after) categories indicates that current transformation must be executed before (resp after) the corresponding ones, if they exist. In case of dependencies cycle, an arbitrary order will be chosen for the transformations involved in the cycle. The optional deps argument gives the list of options whose change (e.g. after a -then) will trigger the transformation over the already computed AST. If several transformations are triggered by the same option, their relative order is preserved.

At this level, globals and ACSL annotations have not been registered.

  • since Neon-20140301
val add_code_transformation_after_cleanup : ?deps:(module Parameter_sig.S) list -> ?before:code_transformation_category list -> ?after:code_transformation_category list -> code_transformation_category -> (Cil_types.file -> unit) -> unit

Same as above, but the hook is applied after clean up. At this level, globals and ACSL annotations have been registered. If the hook adds some new globals or annotations, it must take care of adding them in the appropriate tables. Note that it is the responsibility of the hook to use Ast.mark_as_changed or Ast.mark_as_grown whenever it is the case.

  • since Neon-20140301

category for syntactic constfolding (done after cleanup)

  • since Silicon-20161101
val must_recompute_cfg : Cil_types.fundec -> unit

must_recompute_cfg f must be called by code transformation hooks when they modify statements in function f. This will trigger a recomputation of the cfg of f after the transformation.

  • since Neon-20140301
val get_suffixes : unit -> string list
  • returns

    the list of accepted suffixes of input source files

  • since Boron-20100401
val get_name : t -> string

File name (not normalized).

val get_preprocessor_command : unit -> string

Return the preprocessor command to use.

  • before 23.0-Vanadium

    return type also contained cpp_opt_kind.

val pre_register : t -> unit

Register some file as source file before command-line files

val get_all : unit -> t list

Return the list of toplevel files.

val from_filename : ?cpp:string -> Datatype.Filepath.t -> t

Build a file from its name. The optional argument is the preprocessor command. Default is !get_preprocessor_command ().


val prepare_from_c_files : unit -> unit

Initialize the AST of the current project according to the current filename list.

  • raises File_types.Bad_Initialization

    if called more than once.

val init_from_c_files : t list -> unit

Initialize the cil file representation of the current project. Should be called at most once per project.

  • raises File_types.Bad_Initialization

    if called more than once.

val init_project_from_cil_file : Project.t -> Cil_types.file -> unit

Initialize the cil file representation with the given file for the given project from the current one. Should be called at most once per project.

  • raises File_types.Bad_Initialization

    if called more than once.

val init_project_from_visitor : ?reorder:bool -> Project.t -> Visitor.frama_c_visitor -> unit

init_project_from_visitor prj vis initialize the cil file representation of prj. prj must be essentially empty: it can have some options set, but not an existing cil file; proj is filled using vis, which must be a copy visitor that puts its results in prj. if reorder is true (default is false) the new AST in prj will be reordered.

  • since Oxygen-20120901
val create_project_from_visitor : ?reorder:bool -> ?last:bool -> string -> (Project.t -> Visitor.frama_c_visitor) -> Project.t

Return a new project with a new cil file representation by visiting the file of the current project. If reorder is true, the globals in the AST of the new project are reordered (default is false). If last is true (by default), remember than the returned project is the last created one. The visitor is responsible to avoid sharing between old file and new file (i.e. it should use Visitor_behavior.copy at some point).

  • raises File_types.Bad_Initialization

    if called more than once.

  • since Beryllium-20090601-beta1
val create_rebuilt_project_from_visitor : ?reorder:bool -> ?last:bool -> ?preprocess:bool -> string -> (Project.t -> Visitor.frama_c_visitor) -> Project.t

Like create_project_from_visitor, but the new generated cil file is generated into a temp .i or .c file according to preprocess, then re-built by Frama-C in the returned project. For instance, use this function if the new cil file contains a constructor as global.

Note that the generation of a preprocessed C file may fail in some cases (e.g. if it includes headers already included). Thus the generated file is NOT preprocessed by default.

  • raises File_types.Bad_Initialization

    if called more than once.

  • since Nitrogen-20111001
val prepare_cil_file : Cil_types.file -> unit
val files_pre_register_state : State.t
val init_from_cmdline : unit -> unit

Initialize the cil file representation with the file given on the command line. Should be called at most once per project.

  • raises File_types.Bad_Initialization

    if called more than once.

val reorder_ast : unit -> unit

reorder globals so that all uses of an identifier are preceded by its declaration. This may introduce new declarations in the AST.

  • since Oxygen-20120901
val reorder_custom_ast : Cil_types.file -> unit
  • since Neon-20140301

Pretty printing

val pretty_machdep : ?fmt:Stdlib.Format.formatter -> ?machdep:Cil_types.mach -> unit -> unit

Prints the associated machdep, or the current one in current project by default. Default output formatter is Log.print_on_output.

val pretty_ast : ?prj:Project.t -> ?fmt:Stdlib.Format.formatter -> unit -> unit

Print the project CIL file on the given Formatter. The default project is the current one. The default formatter is Kernel.CodeOutput.get_fmt ().

  • raises File_types.Bad_Initialization

    if the file is not initialized.