Frama-C API - Ast

Access to the CIL AST which must be used from Frama-C.

exception Bad_Initialization of string

May be raised by function get below.

exception NoUntypedAst

Might be raised by UntypedFiles.get below

  • since Nitrogen-20111001
module UntypedFiles : sig ... end
val get : unit -> Cil_types.file

Get the cil file representation. One of the initialization function of module File has to be called before using this function.

val compute : unit -> unit

Enforce the computation of the AST.

val is_computed : unit -> bool
  • returns

    true if the AST has been computed.

val mark_as_changed : unit -> unit

call this function whenever you've made some changes in place inside the AST

  • since Oxygen-20120901
val mark_as_grown : unit -> unit

call this function whenever you have added something to the AST, without modifying the existing nodes

  • since Oxygen-20120901
val add_monotonic_state : State.t -> unit

indicates that the given state (which must depend on Ast.self) is robust against additions to the AST, that is, it will be able to compute information on the new nodes whenever needed. Ast.mark_as_grown will not erase such states, while Ast.mark_as_changed and clearing Ast.self itself will.

  • since Oxygen-20120901
val self : State.t

The state kind associated to the cil AST.

val apply_after_computed : (Cil_types.file -> unit) -> unit

Apply the given hook just after building the AST.

  • since Oxygen-20120901


Functions below should not be called by casual users.

val is_def_or_last_decl : -> bool

true if the global is the last one in the AST to introduce a given variable. Used by visitor and printer to relate funspec with appropriate global, and the GUI to remove redundant declarations of globals.

Complexity: O(nb of globals) for the first call, then O(1).

  • since Oxygen-20120901
val def_or_last_decl : Cil_types.varinfo ->

def_or_last_decl v returns the global g declaring or defining g such that is_def_or_last_decl g is true.

v must be a global variable declared in the AST.

  • since Aluminium-20160501
val clear_last_decl : unit -> unit

reset the mapping between a varinfo and the last global introducing it.

  • since Oxygen-20120901
val set_file : Cil_types.file -> unit
val set_default_initialization : (unit -> unit) -> unit
val mark_as_computed : unit -> unit
  • since Beryllium-20090901
val add_hook_on_update : (unit -> unit) -> unit

Apply the given hook each time the reference to the AST is updated, including on a project switch.

  • since Fluorine-20130401