Frama-C API - Machdep

Managing machine-dependent information.

val gen_all_defines : Stdlib.Format.formatter -> ?censored_macros:Datatype.String.Set.t -> Cil_types.mach -> unit

Prints on the given formatter all #define directives required by share/libc/features.h and other system-dependent headers.

  • parameter censored_macros

    prevents the generation of directives for the builtin macros in mach.custom_defs whose names match. empty by default.

  • before 29.0-Copper

    censored_macros did not exist

val generate_machdep_header : ?censored_macros:Datatype.String.Set.t -> Cil_types.mach -> Filepath.Normalized.t

generates a __fc_machdep.h file in a temp directory and returns the directory name, to be added to the search path for preprocessing stdlib.

  • before 29.0-Copper

    censored_macros did not exist.