Frama-C API - Destructors

retrieve local variables with __fc_destructor attribute and add the appropriate calls to the corresponding destructor function when we exit the scope of the variable.

Argument of the attribute can take the following forms:

  • AStr f, where f is the name of the function to call.
  • ACons (f, [AInt n]), where f is the name of the function to call and n an argument that will be passed to f in addition to the variable. Will be used for destructing local C++ arrays.
  • AAddrOf a where a is of the form above, to indicate that the destructor should be given the address of the variable and not the variable directly
val transform_category : File.code_transformation_category

category of the transformation. Should be done after any transformation susceptible to change the CFG of the program (e.g. Exn_flow.transform_category)