Frama-C API - Eva_gui

module Gui_callstacks_filters : sig ... end

Filtering on analysis callstacks

module Gui_callstacks_manager : sig ... end

This module creates and manages the "Values" panel on the lower notebook of the GUI. It mainly displays the values computed by the analysis for selected expressions and lvalues, and thus depends on the value abstractions used for the analysis. It is able to display different values by callstacks in a table, in accordance with the callstacks focused by the user (handled in

module Gui_eval : sig ... end

This module defines an abstraction to evaluate various things across multiple callstacks. Currently, l-values, NULL, expressions, term-lvalues, terms and predicates can be evaluated

module Gui_red : sig ... end

Extension of the GUI in order to display red alarms emitted during the value analysis

module Gui_types : sig ... end
module Register_gui : sig ... end

Extension of the GUI in order to support the value analysis. No function is exported.